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  • Blog Post: SharePoint and Office Web Apps

    Office Web Apps is discussed in great detail here: HOWEVER, the hardest thing was to find out where the Office Web Apps component is hiding, so that we could install onto a new farm...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Web Services GUIDs - named

    I'm always forgetting this command to translate those silly GUID services into text which is understandable. So here it is, where we can all find it. Get-SPServiceApplication | sort Id | FT -property Id, DisplayName -AutoSize
  • Blog Post: SharePoint - migrate a sub-site into its own Site Collection

    # Move-SPwebToNewSPsite.ps1 # # simple outline sample of how to migrate a sub-site into its own new Site Collection. # definately not comprehensive, but should give you an idea of what to do. # NO I have not exported Alerts or Workflows. Food for thought! # Add-PSSnapin -Name Microsoft.SharePoint...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Regional Settings in Powershell

    # my friend Purdon is a SharePoint God of note # and he reminded me of a problem that crops up occasionally # when dealing with TZ's and Languages # here is his Powershell to correct a Language for a Site # param ([string] $SiteCol = $(throw “The Site Collection URL is required.”)) #throw...