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February, 2013

  • SharePoint - FBA config tool

    If you have ever wrestled with the insanity of Forms Based Auth you WILL love this:
  • SharePoint - Excel web services failure

    Office Web Services on SP2010+SP1. Using Kerberos. We see PPT and Word rendering fine. Excel gives 503 errors. Cache cleared, services checked, bounced, etc. Nothing showing up in the ULS logs. Apparently this has never worked. Hmm... After an hour...
  • SharePoint - copy MySiteDB to a standby farm

    This week I encountered a puzzling issue when copying MySiteDB to a standby farm. Everything and everybody says it is simple. Well, not today. Set up standby farm userprofiles and all is well. Copy MysiteDB over, ask user to login and then access his...
  • SharePoint - content types changes not being pushed out.

    This week I encountered where your content type is being pushed from hub to Site Collections, but is not getting pushed down to various lists and libraries in the site. After extensive testing and fiddling and renaming, we got it sorted. Some of the sleeper...
  • SharePoint Web Services GUIDs - named

    I'm always forgetting this command to translate those silly GUID services into text which is understandable. So here it is, where we can all find it. Get-SPServiceApplication | sort Id | FT -property Id, DisplayName -AutoSize