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  • Blog Post: A huge step in my Windows Vista journey

    Starting tonight, the Toshiba Tecra M5 is once again my primary machine, and I will never go back to Windows XP. I have very recent builds of Windows Vista (#5520) and Office 2007 (#4414) installed on it, and I finally managed to get Virtual Server 2005 R2 installed and configured – it wasn't difficult;...
  • Blog Post: Glass .. Glass, baby! :-)

    Well, I did it! Today, I installed Windows Vista on my Tecra M5 and got everything including Aero Glass working just fine. I managed to get a Windows Experience Index of 3.0 (see picture below), which I understand is pretty good. I think that I’ll use this as my primary machine from now on since I...
  • Blog Post: Finally dogfooding Windows Vista and loving it!

    I must admit that I had a very brief encounter with Windows Vista several months ago but decided that it would be a higher priority for me to dogfood the Office 2007 programs than Vista. Brian Valentine sent out an e-mail last week, encouraging everyone to try the new Vista Beta 2 Refresh build (#5472...