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Video interview of SharePoint Wikis/Blogs/RSS Program Managers now on Channel 9

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   This video was done over a month ago, but it got held up in the queue since Scoble decided to leave Microsoft and had a ton of stuff to transition to the rest of his team. Anyway, the video is here on Channel9.


   One of the key issues that might not have been emphasized strongly enough in the video is that the SharePoint Wikis/Blogs/RSS features were designed for the intranet and extranet scenarios as priorities over the Internet scenario. That’s why there’s currently no trackback support even though the dev team is trying to get that into the RTM release. Still, given that trackback can be exploited by spammers and has been declared dead by some prominent bloggers on the Internet, those are certainly good reasons to not build the functionality into the product. If people really needed this and other features for their Internet facing blogs or wikis, my hope is that the community around SharePoint will develop them as part of the SharePoint Community Kit “Internet Edition” or some other shared/open source project.

  • Good video explaining what the managers were thinking. Thanks for posting this. Liked it so much I created a link to it off of my WSS2007 blog site (yes I also hope though at some point they can get the trackback functionality in) have to say have had a SharePoint based Blog a few days now and have found it simple to use and easy to slide in to especially as a SharePoint user. It would be nice though if the community used the kit to come up with some additional blog web parts for re-use. The first would actually be a Technorati part that enables this "Automate this! You can have your blog software ping for you. Just enter into your weblog tool's configuration for Pings and Notifications. Check our ping configuration page for more information. ) at any rate keep up the awesoe community work your doing and have a great rest of the weekend.

  • Quick question. I have added "Your Web Page" to the fields of info I am capturing to Comments (also added Email and Your Name) The Email doesnt't show but I would like the Your Name and Your Web Page to show. Where can those changes be made?

  • One last thing and I promise to quit commenting. On the dev side I would LOCE to also see a quick web part made that can house this piece of code from Technorati succesfully. I tried dumping it a content editor part but it caused some errors so had to abandon it. Its part of the whole Technorati configure your blog piece.

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

  • i want to see vidio on sharepoint

  • In regards to the I want to see video on SharePoint. I have been getting a bunch of queries on how to create short video demos  for training around sharepoint, office, etc. So I just posted a short "How To" video on my blog at demonstrating how to create Video Screen Captures. If you get a chance let me know what you think and how I could improve it.

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