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Gadgets on SharePoint - for real!

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   There are still nearly 90 minutes left (in PDT) until April Fool’s Day, but several people have already alerted me to a screenshot at the DashboardSpy, which appears to be a mocked up SharePoint site with some very cool (and useful) looking Gadgets for monitoring Scoble’s KPIs. I found this very ironic and extremely coincidental because just a couple of days ago, I had the idea of running real Gadgets on a real SharePoint site, and after some help from Brandon Paddock and some tweaking of my own, I created the following (very real) SharePoint site.


Gadgets on SharePoint

(click image to enlarge)


   Alas, I am not ready to reveal exactly how I was able to get Gadgets to run on SharePoint, but I promise that I will do so as soon as the folks give me the go-ahead. For now, I’d encourage you to start thinking about what kinds of Gadgets would be worthwhile to run on a SharePoint site, especially within a corporation. I’m thinking about sponsoring a Gadget Development Contest within the next few months on the newly created SharePoint Featured Group at the GotDotNet CodeGallery that will focus on Gadgets that SharePoint customers would actually want to use on their sites rather than most of the “fun and cool but not very useful” Gadgets that current exists on the Microsoft Gadgets site.


  • I saw this on an internal post and I’m glad Lawrence has blogged about it. It’s pretty...

  • I need to create a webpart that lists ALL webparts on my portal and allows my users to select, checking some checkboxes, whichever webparts they want to have on the homepage. It's kind of myGoogle or NetVibe or style.

    I don't really need that fancy AJAX drag-and-drop functionality, but if is not too much trouble it will be welcome...

    SharePoint is not that userfriendly, so my users say.

    I just want to cut some steps when adding webparts to the page. Edit >> Modify Shared Page >> Browse >> Drag-and-Drop webparts is way too complicated for my users...

    I've looking around for some pre-built webparts but it looks like nobody was thinking about this issue...

    Is it that hard? Why Microsoft doesn't have this in mind for the next version? USABILITY! This is a word that is missing in Microsoft's vocabulary...unfortunatelly...

    Help Please! If I don't find a way out, my company will get rid of SharePoint Portal. I heard rummors they want to move to IBM WebSphere! Please, please, please HELP ME!

  • Julian, WSS V3 and MOSS 2007 have a simpler/quicker method of adding one or more Web Parts to a page -- pretty much exactly as you've described. Beta 2 will be available very soon, so I'd encourage you to evaluate them. If you haven't already done so, you can register for Beta 2 at

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