The SharePoint Team Blog just keeps getting better as the number and technical depth of posts increases. Jon Kauffman’s recent couple of posts is an excellent example of why so many Microsoft blogs have become so popular – they provide an insider’s look into how products that will be used by millions of people actually get designed, developed, tested, and launched.


   My buddy, Dennis Karlinsky in RTC, told me last week about a “blog posting queue” that the Exchange team uses to support their very popular, You Had Me At EHLO (man, I just love that name!). So, earlier this week, I took a quick look at it, which is simply a document library on an internal WSS v2 team site, and suggested to Kurt, Jeff, Jon, et al. to do the same. Well, they loved it. And just as I was about to take the simple step of saving the doclib into a template and creating an instance of it for us to use, PJ suggested that we should instead use our dogfood Beta 1 site to setup the SharePoint Team Blog Posting Queue. The idea is that we would keep it simple for now, but as more Program Manager Leads and Senior Program Managers start contributing to the team blog, we can turn on features like workflow and e-mail alerts to make the request/assignment/submission/review/posting/notification process much more efficient.


   Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to create the doclib with the appropriate custom properties. And I’ve already uploaded a few topic suggestions (based on reader comments and direct feedback) for upcoming blog posts. I’m happily looking forward to the many excellent posts that will appear on the team blog in the near future, and you should, too!


   So, what’s a best practice for team based blogging? Setup a posting queue in -- what else? -- a SharePoint document library! :-)