I just sent out an internal e-mail announcement to several hundred technical sales people re: the completion of my first major deliverable -- the Microsoft Office “12” SharePoint Servers and Windows SharePoint Services “v3” Technology Briefing slidedeck, which contains a technical overview of the feature areas in the upcoming versions of SharePoint Products and Technologies. Until Office “12” Beta 2 is released (in Q1 2006), the only way for customers to view this slidedeck is via a Technology Briefing (under NDA) from a Microsoft technical sales professional, so call your Microsoft account team soon to schedule a meeting. J


   In retrospect, I could’ve published the slidedeck a couple of weeks ago, but I just kept tweaking it to try to get it just right. I finally accepted the fact that it’s simply not possible for the slidedeck to be perfect because people will likely hide, trim, or customize the slides to best adapt to their audiences, presentation topics, and time constraints. Moreover, I really need to stop being such a perfectionist because I have way too many other major work assignments to tackle these days. Next up are the Office “12” SharePoint Servers and WSS “v3” Product Evaluation Guides, and then the Community Strategy for Office Servers.


   In the meantime, I’ll be taking a few days off for Thanksgiving and traveling back to the Bay Area to visit relatives and friends.