As if I don’t already have enough things to do for my day job, I routinely keep tabs on what other teams at Microsoft are doing in the area of next generation “My Web” apps and services. I didn’t blog about our Windows Live and Office Live announcement because there were plenty of other people doing it already. My favorite was Mike Torres’ blog post, which succinctly explains:


What is Windows Live?

·         Windows Live is a new "web experience"

·         Access your stuff from any device, anywhere, anytime

·         User-centric, consistent look and feel, APIs

·         Windows Live will be relevant to all Windows markets, not just consumers

·         Vast majority of services will be free (i.e. advertising supported)

·         Separate product offering from Windows - you can use Windows with or without Live

·         Windows Live will interface with Windows only through documented interfaces

·         "Windows Live puts ME at the center, enabling me to work and play how and when I want"

· will help you aggregate your digital life

· will continue to exist as a programmed experience, while will be very personalized and centered around search experience.  You can think of it as a "search homepage". RSS feeds, sections from the web, search results, news: the information will always be fresh...

·         Microsoft Gadgets is a developer platform that provides super-simple ways for developer's to build mini-applications.

·         Photo gadget hosted on that shows Flickr tagged photos.  Nice.

·         Other gadgets: Recent documents, information from SharePoint, Windows Live Safety Center (which is a new service for Microsoft available today in beta)


   In an internal mailing list (and I still belong to way too many unrelated to my day job), I added my own thoughts about particularly what is or at least represents, and to my surprise, Steve Rider, the Developer Lead for actually took notice and even blogged about how I “nailed it” (quoting myself):


Yes, is basically a (personal) Web aggregator, but the primary difference between it vs. Bloglines and MyYahoo is that the gadgets hosted on Live can be developed by anyone. So, is indeed very much an online version of Windows in that it is a platform for hosting multiple apps that you use frequently to do or view things that you care about. And ultimately, you can use on any device from just about anywhere. Therefore, becomes an “attention aggregator” for me.


   Now, how cool is that? There’s just nothing better than a compliment from a fellow Microsoftie whom I highly respect, so that really made my day! And if you're intrigued about what I meant by "attention aggregator," I'll blog about that when I have more free time to do it justice.