When I recently saw Eli Robillard’s blog entry on “Speculating on SPS vNext,” I was compelled to leave the following comment:

Please do not assume that everything presented at PDC05 will be "pushed down" to WSS "v3." The fact is that packaging discussions have not been finalized, so I'd hate to see people develop expectations now that won't be met later. One thing to remember is that WSS is a platform that is part of Windows Server, so it may contain "enabling technology" for records management, workflow, and other features, but it may not provide the actual applications and solutions (i.e. the end user interfaces) for those features.


   Much (almost too much J) information about the next versions of SharePoint Products & Technologies was disclosed at PDC05. However, the information was about features, not packaging. As mentioned above, the fact is that product packaging has not been finalized. Generally, this type of decision is made much later in the product cycle -- usually between the Beta 2 and RTM milestones. I promise that as soon as I am given the go ahead to disclose product packaging (and licensing), I will blog it here.


   In the meantime, if you have any specific questions or concerns about the packaging and licensing of the next versions of SharePoint Products & Technologies, please contact me directly.