First, I finally got my own office this past Monday!


   Next, I spent two days interviewing the SharePoint v.Next Lead Program Managers for input and feedback for the Evaluation Guide(s) that I’m developing. I can now claim that I know more about the next version of our SharePoint Products and Technologies than 99.9% of Microsoft employees. :-)


   Then, yesterday, I attended (as mostly a guest) my first “Release Criteria Review and Sign-Off” meeting for something that will be released next week (I’ll post the details at that time). It was very exciting (though I played it cool and calm) to witness the whole process and the actual signing (yes, with pen on paper!) by representatives of Program Management, Development, and Testing.


   Lastly, I got a reply back from Kurt DelBene, who agreed to be my executive sponsor for the re-launch of our internal SharePoint Insiders Program, which provides infrastructure and support for a fairly exclusive community of top Technology Specialists, who consistently provided insightful, candid, and early feedback to the Product Group, which has led to improvements in the areas of product planning, product testing, technical readiness, sales readiness, and product deployment. Hence, I am very proud and feel quite privileged to be the Product Group Lead for this program.