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Attention all SharePoint Developers!

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   If you are (or want to be) developing solutions for SharePoint, don't pass go, don't collect $200, and immediately read Mike Fitzmaurice's blog. Better yet, subscribe to it in your favorite RSS aggregator by right-clicking here. Mike is Microsoft's self-professed Developer Evangelist for SharePoint. I know him as the Senior Product Manager for SharePoint, who has helped me close a couple of very significant SharePoint wins in the past year.

   Another SharePoint blogger that you should keep an eye on is Arpan Shah, especially if your interests veer toward the enterprise portal end of the SharePoint spectrum. Arpan has maintained an impressive list of very relevant SharePoint oriented links on his blog, so if you don’t subscribe to it, at least bookmark it in your browser, so you can easily revisit it at any time.

   Two of my favorite non-MS bloggers focused on developing SharePoint-based solutions are Jan Tielens and Patrick Tisseghem. It’s too bad that they’re not located in the U.S. because my customers would love to attend their training sessions.

   During the past year, I’ve seen a dramatic uptake in SharePoint (both WSS and SPS) adoption within my accounts. I no longer have to pitch SharePoint to my customers like I did constantly over a year ago. Now, they’re contacting me to get guidance on how to setup and customize SharePoint to address their specific business requirements. This is most definitely the ideal situation for me to be in as a technical sales guy because rather than just selling, I’m actually helping. :-)

  • Thanks for the nice words. And since we are travelling most of Europe, Middle East and Africa doing trainings and seminars, it is for us a small step to jump the ocean in the other direction :)