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Important blog updates

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   Some of you might have noticed that the layout and color scheme for my blog have changed significantly over the weekend. Thanks to Ken Levy's custom CSS, my blog is now a bit easier to read, I hope. But the more important (though visually subtle) change that I made was to my blog’s subtitle to which I added the clause “whose personal opinions do not necessarily reflect those of his employer”. You see, I am just a technical sales guy in the field – not a corporate strategy or product dev guy – so everything I write here is purely my personal opinion and does not have any bearing on what’s going on at corporate or elsewhere in my company. Hence, I also added the disclaimer “all postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confer no rights” at the bottom of the blog because I keep forgetting to add it to each post. What this disclaimer means, basically, is that you should not expect anything more from my posts than your reading pleasure. :-) Now, with that out of the way, it’s Monday -- back-to-work day – so, I’ll take a break from thinking/writing about the blogosphere and the Long Tail and get back to posting a story or two from the field.

  • You need to add such disclaimers nowadays - you never know who is going to try / do something you blog about then it goes wrong and they turn around and sue you! ;-)

  • Don't forget to give me credit for noticing your little typo. ;) Just kidding don't worry about it.