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Please don't waste my time. Blog, don't just link!

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   Alan Page's recent post struck a nerve with me. Blogging nothing but a link to someone else's blog post is almost like forwarding an e-mail that was sent to a distribution group back to the same DL. Right, it's utterly useless and a waste of the reader's time. If you're going to post just bookmarks, please use or a link blog like Scoble's. :-)
  • Yes, I definitely prefer those who provide content over those who just aggregate the content that others provide, as I said here:


  • I'm glad to hear it's not just me that this annoys (even if someone else brought it up before me).

    I also need to point out that I accidentally double posted the original link, and when I got around to deleting the duplicate, I deleted the link that LL was pointing to. The original post can now be found at (or by clicking my name above this comment)

  • AlanPa: No problem. I just updated my post to reference your post's new URL.

  • And another thing that’s a waste of time -- posting (even if it’s just a passing comment) about how you can’t talk about what you’re currently working on. It seems like ex-Microsofties, in particular, have an uncontrollable urge to say this in their blogs every couple of months or so. To which I say, “B-F-D! I-D-G-A-F! S-B-A-A. I-Y-C-S-A-I-D-S-A-A-A.” :-)

  • web logs are a person's "own" log... and I'm pretty sure they will continue to put whatever the h3ll they want 2 in it...

    As for wasting "your" time... arn't you the one that is technically subscribed to "his" blog? Ergo.. your wasting your own time.

  • Clint: If someone just wanted to keep a personal journal and doesn't care whatsoever about the people who may be reading it, then s/he should make it private/closed. I'd venture to guess that most, if not all, of the bloggers whom I read, appreciate their readership and want more of it. Making annoying comments once in awhile won’t stop me from reading someone’s blog, but it’s still annoying nonetheless. It’s kind of like striking up a conversation with someone at a coffee shop, and that person says, in my first example, “Go check out the front page [period]” to which you react by thinking/saying, “What? Why?” In my second example, the person would say, “You want to know what’s really cool? Sorry, but I can’t tell you.” Annoying, right? Thought so.