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Blogolocity with a “Scoble Accelerator” and a “Rubel Afterburner”

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   Well, it appears that I was overly optimistic about a blogolocity of just 2 hours for my original “blogolocity” post. So, based on Scoble’s guidance about getting attention, I’m purposely including his name in this blog entry. Given that “Scoble” is one of Robert’s custom PubSub feeds, having his name in here should act as an accelerator. And to counteract the head wind of posting this on a Friday evening, I’m going to add Steve Rubel’s name in here as an afterburner. I also enjoyed Steve's post on doing search engine optimization of your blog post title on Google.


   Now, let’s see how much faster the blogolocity of this post will be compared with my original. :-)

  • Did someone say, "Scoble?" I came running...

  • The "Scoble Accelerator" is definitely working! This post has already received 2x the normal number of pageviews. Cool!

  • So I am curious as to how your scoble accelerator has been working. :)

    And I like your Blogolocity term. Kudos