As preparations for my session in the SharePoint Ignite course, I wanted to do a demo of the new task synchronization in SharePoint 2013 without installing Exchange and configuring the Server-to-Server (S2S) authentication. So, I thought that Office 365 vNext would be the perfect environment for me. I have created a task in SharePoint and went to Outlook Web Access to see if my SharePoint tasks are already there, and … nope. Again, tried to create a task in Outlook and return to my tasks list in SharePoint and no tasks from Outlook. After one hour of investigation, I clicked on the ribbon menu and saw the “Sync to Outlook” button and asked myself “What is the chance that this function will be the trick in here? Much to my surprise, it was it! This button is actually the trigger to enable the synchronization of tasks between SharePoint and Exchange.

From the Ribbon menu, click on “Sync to Outlook” button.

Sync To Outlook

In the “Sync Tasks with Microsoft Outlook” modal dialog window, check the “Sync tasks” option.

Sync Tasks with Microsoft Outlook

Now your Outlook account will include both Exchange and SharePoint tasks in the same view.

Outlook View

All that's left to do is to perform the tasks Smile