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Operational Excellence tools (think Lean, Six Sigma, business process analysis), case studies, and items of interest from the US Industry Solutions Organization at Microsoft.

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  • Blog Post: A refreshing outlook on 'New Millennium' Lean

    USC Consulting Group ( www.usccg.com ) has written a very thorough whitepaper describing how technology augments traditional Lean methods, but also argues that technology is a requirement to make a full Lean transformation. The link to the document is http://www.usccg.com/Ref/USCMillenniumBroch.pdf ...
  • Blog Post: New IndustryWeek webcast: Lean at Haldex featuring Microsoft Dynamics

    New IndustryWeek webcast featuring a Lean leader and an IT leader from Haldex, discussing "The Haldex Way," how and why the company embarked on a Lean path, and how IT and Microsoft partner Avanade has been an enabler in the process. This story focuses not on value stream mapping but on building visibility...