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Operational Excellence tools (think Lean, Six Sigma, business process analysis), case studies, and items of interest from the US Industry Solutions Organization at Microsoft.

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  • Blog Post: Informative Lean video case study

    One way to quickly understand what Collaborative eKanban is all about is to watch the Flash demo and video case study on www.ultriva.com . It takes 6 minutes total. Both are really well done.
  • Blog Post: A refreshing outlook on 'New Millennium' Lean

    USC Consulting Group ( www.usccg.com ) has written a very thorough whitepaper describing how technology augments traditional Lean methods, but also argues that technology is a requirement to make a full Lean transformation. The link to the document is http://www.usccg.com/Ref/USCMillenniumBroch.pdf ...
  • Blog Post: New IndustryWeek Webcast January 18: Emerson Lean - From Strategy to Execution

    Great webcast next week featuring Ray Keefe, VP-Manufacturing at Emerson Electric. Lean deployment at Emerson Electric goes beyond traditional shop floor thinking to reduce manufacturing cycle times and remove waste. Through the years, Emerson has expanded the scope of Lean from shop floor, to total...
  • Blog Post: New Manufacturing Business Technology article on lean replenishment

    ...shows that the application of lean thinking and tools to the supply chain is a hot area in the industry. Ultriva, quoted in the article, is a provider of electronic kanban and other solutions built on the Microsoft platform using tools such as SharePoint and SQL Server. Check out the article at...
  • Blog Post: Ultriva User's Conference highlights

    In Cupertino, CA today at the Ultriva User's Conference listening to a many customer case study presentations from Emerson Electric, Rexnord, and Dover Inc. What is most compelling in the talks is why each company is using Lean. OK International started on their Lean journey in 2001 to improve customer...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft announces Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solution for Lean Enterprises

    Details available at http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2007/mar07/03-13ConvergenceDayTwoPR.mspx .
  • Blog Post: Emerson is tackling inventory turns with technology

    Check out the IndustryWeek webcast from January called Emerson Lean: From Strategy to Execution . It's presented by Ray Keefe, VP of Manufacturing at Emerson and Ashley Stirrup, CEO of Ultriva. What is especially insightful is how Emerson has figured out how to tackle the "bullwhip" issue. The recording...