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Operational Excellence tools (think Lean, Six Sigma, business process analysis), case studies, and items of interest from the US Industry Solutions Organization at Microsoft.

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    Over the recent holidays, I embarked on a backup, cleanup, and Office 2007 upgrade for my PC. As part of the process, I realized that it would be a good idea to take a look at the 5s concept from an information worker perpsective, since e-mail and spreadsheets are the "tools" and "dies" used by many...
  • Blog Post: 5s for the Information Worker: Example of how to use OneNote and Sharepoint to simplify and expedite team follow-up

    As an industry marketing manager at Microsoft, I face a challenge that I’m sure many teams share – how do I make it easy for a solution specialist team to follow-up with customers who have registered interest? This is important for 3 reasons: 1. This is a common breakdown point in the value stream...