I’m participating on a good team doing the Enterprise Architecture Impact for large customer for a SharePoint/BPOs-D/Office 365 strategy.   At this point, we’re seeing some critical areas to examine current and future forecasted architectural strategies. 

The Enterprise Architecture analysis document is separate for the SharePoint/BPOS-D/Office 365 platform architecture plan.    It’s important to separate platform architecture from the Gap & Impact Enterprise Analysis.   

So we’re looking at how this platform will impact the customers various EA strategies and IT directions: (what we’re looking at at this point)

  • Integration strategy
  • DRBC strategy
    • Systems Impact
    • People Impact
    • Process Impact
  • Current document mgmt. strategy
  • Cloud strategy
  • IT Governance Process Model
  • Consumerization Strategy
  • BI Strategy (as well as the information mgmt. strategy)
  • Security Compliance Strategy
    • Privacy
    • Confidentiality
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Non-Repudiation




All architects want to design a perfect architecture out of complex challenges with the given technology platform.    However, it’s even more that we have a positive impact on the organization’s business and technology ecosystem.   Moreover, if there is a big impact (which often happens),  then the organization understands it better and can forecast options for deployment.

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