I organized and participated on a Environmentally Sustainable Architecture panel last month.    There was some very interesting participants on the panel:

moderator: George Cerbone

Panelist: Michael Manos, Beth Humphreys, Kathy Malone, David Platt and myself.

This was the first panel to start including developers in the discussion with developers.   I invited David Platt to come in discuss.  He had some very interesting ideas and concerns to contribute.

Also, Kathy Malone is organizing the 1st ineta green users groups in Florida.   She has over 30 years experience on Environmental health and safety.     It was fascinating to hear her perspective.   I haven't followed the environmental health and safety perspective in this space as much.  I look forward to her future contributions into the ever expanding Green IT dialogue.

Beth Patton has been promoting environmentally sustainable datacenter best practices in the Chicago area for Microsoft.   This is where Microsoft is building one of their largest and most radically designed datacenters.

David Platt, author of the book "Why Software Sucks" was a great addition to the panel.   I knew he would be an excellent antagonist to really discuss why would this matter to developers.

of course Michael Manos is in charge of all the datacenters for Microsoft.   leading the way towards rebuilding Microsoft into a sustainable design.


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