There are tremendous opportunities and cool new services coming from Web 2.0 like services today which our user base is becoming more excited about.  However, as we all know, we must understand the impact of these services on the integrity of the information technology ecosystem.

One such interesting service is Swarm. 

I recommend caution with Swarm.   It collects anonymous (from the subscriber) browsing activity.    This can include your browsing activity (web addresses and IP addresses) of internal corporate sites.   This might be useful for hackers.  This macro spyware is used innocently today as a cool neat way to see aggregated activity on the web.   Wait till hackers find ways to use it for passive intelligence gathering on a targeted vector (say: your corporate internal layout).  Furthermore, hijacking another person’s session via swarm doesn’t seem to be addressed.


Also, Currently, there is no explicit documentation on Swarm.  Hmm.


In a recent security issue, the swarm team disabled gmail links because of the problem of signing on with someone else’s account.

(which would have been CNN news if it involved Microsoft hotmail)

At the end of the day,  it's always buyer beware (even if it's free).