I know, it's been a long time since I've posted.  I apologize.  I received my far share of complaints because of this neglect.


I've been caught up on research and writing and did want to start discussing these things until I received a green light from corp. folk.   So now I can.   I've been working on something called Systemic Quality Impact Analysis. (SQIA).  From talking with several customers and researching data center architectures, I realized that too many architectural methodologies/frameworks focus too much attention on WHEN to make a decision and WITH WHOM to work with and WHAT ROLE individuals should have in the process.   However, NONE of the methodologies i researched actually focused on making a GOOD DECISION!   This is what SQIA is all about (as well as other projects I'm working on).   SQIA doesn't assume anyone's role or process controls any part of the initiative.   It is a framework that can fit into any process or methodology (or even without one all together) to help Architects analyze the impact of their decisions to ensure they are making the best decision they can with the time, resources and knowledge available to them.   Simply put,  it assumes that the real architectural world is a messy place.  Instead of promoting Architects to complain about the process, resources, stakeholders, and time,  SQIA helps infrastructure architects focus on making the best decision they can in the environment they have.


So here it comes.  I will be a lot more postings I promise,  I will not neglect my blog.

I hope it is useful for you as it is for me as I'm working with customers and investigating these issues.


Thank you,