Microsoft Office Visio Connector 2007 for Rack Server Virtualization  

Rack Server Virtualization Add-in provides the capability to pull the rack-server data either from Excel spread sheet or from user and render the Visio diagram. The scope of the Rack Server Virtualization Add-in is:

•  Allow user to provide Colo, Rack and server information either from Excel Workbook / Sample excel Template / Using a wizard. The input data includes power rating, space used, etc.
•  User can configure the connector analyze the servers based on either current CPU utilization data (using WMI) or past CPU utilization data (using SCOM) over a time duration.
• User can also configure to pass the credentials or use the Windows Authentication to perform analyze/ connect to SCOM Servers
•  After Analyze is complete the CPU usage, memory usage etc. for each server will be fetched either from WMI or SCOM based on the option selected by the user.
•   For each rack, based on the CPU and memory usage for each server in that rack a virtualization picture will be prepared in addition to the existing picture of the rack to allow user to compare the before and after scenario.

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