Business Model and Sales Transformation: Sales Specialist “Time to Thrive” Webcast Series on todella hyvä koulutussarja kumppaneiden myynnille! Miksi suorittaa Microsoftin Sales Specialist akkreditointi? Etuina mm. myyntitaitojen vahvistuminen, tavoitteiden saavuttaminen, kilpailijoista erottautuminen ja ammattitaitosi edistäminen.

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Seuraava webcast 9.11.2011

Sean Frontz: a Partner Seller’s Guide to becoming more productive with Effective Pre Call Sales

A former instructor for Dale Carnegie and Franklin Covey; Sean is an authority on developing effective Call
Plans. Join Ninety Five 5’s Sean Frontz who, during the session, will introduce
you to the key elements that will make your next client conversation
extraordinary. Sean knows the definition of inspiration, and will reveal his
plan to help Partner Sellers Compete to Win on November 9th, 2011 at 8:00a.m.