Hi Everyone! As usual, long time no blog!

Been pretty busy attending training on all the new Forefront products, amongst other business related stuff! But great news, Forefront Threat Management Gateway has been released to RTM! This product is going to change the way we at Microsoft look at network and internet security. With great features like HTTP/HTTPS Anti Malware and URL Filtering AND Network Inspection System, Microsoft has indeed changed the security game!

Lets dwell a little on 64bit computing. Within Windows server systems, 32bit operating systems with 32 bit processors, only allowed for 256MB of addressable kernel memory, and, considering ISA Server was only 32 bit and used kernel memory for the firewall engine handling all the traffic flowing through it, there was an inherent level to which we could process traffic, basically, limited to 256MB kernel memory usage.

NOW, with x64 Threat Management Gateway, this limit have been increased to many, many gigs(GB)(I believe its 128GB, but subject to correction), so all these weird things that used to happen when ISA was really busy(which I must say I saw once) will go away.

Network Inspection System, wow, now this allows us, using the layer 7 capabilities we saw before in ISA 2004 and 2006, to inspect traffic for signatures which could potentially exploit yet unpatches vulnerabilities in systems, what does this mean? It means that if a vuln is discovered in a Microsoft product, a signature for his can be realeased about 4 hours after discovery, whilst patches are going through development, testing etc. So, you can easily be protected whilst updating of systems continues.

Enough rambling,  I highly recommend upgrading and testing TMG ASAP! http://www.microsoft.com/tmg