Good Saturday Everyone!

 Well, what an experience in Kuwait! Attending the Kuwait ICT Security Summit in the hull of the Al-Hashemi II was the most amazing experience! I have presented in a number of locations around the world! But to present from the inside of the largest wooden ship in the world(Guiness Confirmed) was truely something that I don't think will be topped for some time! (

Attendance to this paid for event was awesome, and feedback was terrific, thanks to all who attended and I hope your time there was as enjoyable as mine was presenting to you on general security administration.

For those who were not there, my presentation was titled: Do your Administrators want real Security? And it was mainly focussed on the fact that admins are lazy(sometimes) and if they do not believe in security and are not guided in the right directions, generally, security goes out the window, however, not always intentionally!

Sorry for the delay in the report, had loads else to do in Kuwait while I was there, and got a bit busy!

Take Care!