Ok, so it is the weekend in Dubai, and I am very excited about the Red Bull Air Race to be held in Abu Dhabi tomorrow, yes, I am definately going 40C or not :)

 So back to business, firstly, for anyone who is on that old school bus of Microsoft having no security weight, well, I saw this news article published a few days ago, which made me very proud to be part of the Microsoft Security arena, CLICK HERE It is a story about how Microsoft's COFEE(Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) Tool is going to be used to assist Interpol in crime fighting efforts over its 187 branches(or countries!), very interesting article.

On the other hand, I posted in my last article that ISA Server 2006 had 0 vulnerabilities, well, since then, and in the past few weeks, that changed :( but, on the other side of the story, how long has it been that there were none in this product? Yes, almost 5 years. So lets break it down, you can view the reports here: http://secunia.com/advisories/34687/ So, again, we proved that this is the most secure firewall on the planet, and immediately as this was discovered, a patch became available, so there is no need to stress, unless, of course, you have no patching strat, which I have seen more and more of these days, which makes me more concerned about businesses who skip this critical part of their infrastructure planning.

 Please see the ISA(TMG) team blog here: http://blogs.technet.com/isablog/

And for the last GREAT peice of news, in the 2009 Info Security Global Products Excellence Guide, Microsoft won top awards for: Forefront For SharePoint, Firewall Solutions(ISA of course :) ) ILM for Identity Lifecycle Management, Yes, MS does rock the security space :)

Take care, see you in Abu Dhabi tomorrow, perhaps I will post some pics on my return :)

 PS - Microsoft Released the Business Ready Security Strategy, take a look!