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    Well, I guess the news of the day is pretty much focused on Bill Gates today.  You know, leaving Microsoft after a life of dedication is something that you don't do every day.  Certainly not when you happen to be the (co)founder. I'm not going to try and give an overview of Bill's accomplishments...
  • Blog Post: Officelabs: Search Commands

    Still having a hard time finding your way in Office 2007? Here's a great help for you: Search Commands Download it from our Officelabs site You can also watch a movie explain how to use it (although it is pretty straightforward...
  • Blog Post: Verizon picks Microsoft search over Google, Yahoo

    Verizon Communications Inc has chosen Microsoft Corp to provide Internet search services for cell phones, in what is seen as a blow to rivals Google Inc and Yahoo Inc. Read the full story here:
  • Blog Post: Tafiti

    Looking for something? Why not do it differently... Find News, Web sites, images, RSS feeds,... all in one search. Try out