December, 2008

  • Making It All Work

    From the author of the bestseller “Getting Things Done,” comes a new book that will change your life. “Getting Things Done” hit a nerve and spawned a movement with businesses, students, and techies all the way from Silicon Valley to Europe and Asia. Now...
  • What's Next for Computer Interfaces?

    Microsoft is helping in developing the next gen of Computer Interfaces – especially important when handling small devices such as hand held computers, PDAs, Mobiles…   The idea is to use your fingers at the back of the device, not at the front...
  • Windows Live Hotmail in Outlook

    For all you Outlook addicts (as I am) – the connector enabling integration of Live Mail (Hotmail) and Outlook has got an update. Read about it here.  There’s also a link to the download site.
  • RSS Reader

    A whole new way to read (and play with) your RSS feeds – by MSNBC.  Great looking!  Unfortunately, can only be used with MSNBC feeds. Take a look here:   Enjoy
  • A tool for GTD?

    I’m more and more fascinated by the power of Getting Things Done (see my previous blog post for book reference).  I bumped into a tool that might be interesting in this context: Personal Brain ( ). I’m downloading and...
  • The SlideShare Ribbon for PowerPoint

      The SlideShare Ribbon for PowerPoint 2007 lets you use most features of SlideShare from within PowerPoint. You can download and upload files, search, view usage metrics for presentations, and lots more.
  • no words needed here

  • Two Books you should read

    Most people today feel the pressure of time – both at work and in your private life.  If you are one of the these people, and statically speaking you probably are, you definitely should have a look at these two master pieces.  I only discovered...
  • Document Interop Initiative

    Today, I was introduced in the for me totally unknown world of Document Interop Initiative (DII).  This was during an DII workshop at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center (EBC) for both customers and partners/competitors. For info on this initiative...