image That's an interesting premise considering I'm doing precisely that on this blog, isn't it? It's true though - blogging isn't that great a place to share knowledge. I suppose if you live in the old world of printed books and libraries, maybe blogging isn't that bad - but it still forces a situation where there is one author telling you stuff, and you consume it. There isn't much of a conversation.

One could argue that blogging solves this problem by adding commenting to every post. While it's true that a dialog can be created through blogging comments, the original text is still intact and is equally bad because it isn't being changed by the conversation happening below it in the comments. Many people grow tired of reading many comments because discussions eventually turn into anonymous wars of words, where someone turns to personal attacks to make a point. The web is a pretty rude place sometimes.

All that said, to properly share information, the information must remain fluid. Information that cannot be changed or updated becomes stagnant and out of date. What is the usefulness in having content no one cares about? Blogs don't allow for a conversation to occur within the text - only outside the text. Add to that the ability in blogging tools to hold comments from individuals until the author of the blog approves them, and now we have a gate-keeping system that allows the author of the blog to own the blog text AND the comments.

The other issue is editing. Because I'm the only author of this blog, and I think I'm an awesome writer, I'm not going to edit my work. I never read over my posts as I write them. If I have incomplete sentences, bad grammar, etc - you'll see it. Since blogs don't let you correct me, I can continue to write poorly, provide incorrect information or just be all out wrong about something, and you can't do anything about it.

Blogging however does work well because it can be easy to post stuff, people expect the presentation to be informal, which makes it easier to author stuff, etc. That doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do to foster the multi-way conversation that allows ideas to grow and flourish.

Today must be rant Thursday. On a lighter note, I'm also into photography, and during my lunch hour, we tried to make a water hat. Here is a sample of that result.