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My name is Hunter Donald. I'm a Program Manager spending my days worrying about how to better leverage knowledge within our support organization. The purpose of this blog is to expose areas of KM that I find interesting, show how Microsoft is thinking about knowledge management in the Enterprise and Developer support space, and expose myself to other people also interested in this set of topics.

If you're interested in learning more about this stuff - subscribe to my RSS feed or drop by the site for a visit. I plan to update this feed at least weekly.

You can always contact me through commenting on the blog. I'll check those comments frequently. If you have future topic suggestions, or areas that you'd like to hear about our overall content strategy, I'd be happy to discuss as much as I can with everyone.

And of course, if you think this blog is a waste of your time, I'd like to know about that too, especially if you're in the knowledge management space. :-)

Hunter Donald
Program Manager - Knowledge Management Strategy
Commercial Technical Support