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About Ken Lince - Delta Force Partner Technology Team


About Ken Lince - Delta Force Partner Technology Team

Howdy Folks, thanks for stopping by! 

I've had the privelge to work for Microsoft for 6 years now (as of 2010).  I've spent that entire 6 years working in the US Partner Group and building relationships with Partners of all types - Systems Integrators, VAR's, Distribution, LAR's, OEM's and Strategic Recruit Partners.  Prior to Microsoft I spent almost 10 years in the channel in various consulting and management roles.  I had one stint running IT for a software start-up in the late 90's in a feeble attempt to make a lot of money...but that didn't work out so well. :)

I am a member of the Delta Force National Partner Technology Team.  Basically, my team's focus is helping Partners with services delivery and practice development.  Our teams mantra for 2011:

Practice Builder Framework (P^3)
Moving partners from Product aware
to Project capable to Practice activated