How to redirect a Request Offering to a Request on another site

How to redirect a Request Offering to a Request on another site

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Service Catalog is a great addition in Service Manager for the System Center 2012 release.  While I do want that to be THE catalog for all the services in the enterprise, but in reality I am sure that every Enterprise has legacy systems that do certain requests and those will be hard to move over.  In addition, every enterprise will not move all the services in the Service Manager catalog on Day 1.  So there needs to be a way to redirect users a different system for the request.  You could achieve this by simply creating a landing page in SharePoint, but this is a not very good experience, as it takes the user away from the Service Catalog and has to go a different page.  Also the search/filtering of the catalog will not be integrated. 

To do this more easily, we introduced a way to redirect a request offering to another site.  There are couple steps to this.

  1. Create Request Offering and enter the link information as shown below as part of the description.
  2. Hide the Goto Request Button on the RO page

Create RO with Link embedded in description

  1. In the Service Manager Console navigate to Library->Service Catalog -> Request Offerings
  2. Click on the task Create Request Offering
  3. Enter the Title
  4. Select an Image
  5. Enter the description and the link in the Description field as follows
    1. To request software please click on the link.  <a href="http://om01/dinnernow/sccmcatalog.html"> Request Software </a>

The rest of the steps are similar so not going through those.

 When you publish the above Request Offering you will see something like this

 Now this is confusing for the user the “Request Software” is hyperlinked to the link you specified in description but there is also the button which takes them to a blank Request Offering.

We need to hide the “Go to request form” button – to make this presentable.

Hiding the “Go to request form” button

Here are the steps

  1. Export the management pack (Administration->Management Packs) in which this Request Offering is saved
  2. Edit the exported management Pack and change the property of the RequestOffering that you created
    1.  HideGotoRequestOffering=”true”. 

Below I have shown screen shot of before and after

Before changing:



After changing the value


Import the edited Management Pack and now if you go to the Request Offering page on Portal, you shouldn’t see the “Go to request form” button. 

A much better experience

 There are also other uses for this functionality:

-          You want to show additional information for the Request Offering and provide embedded links (like T&Cs).  In this case you may not hide the Request Offering button.

-          Just a landing page for Request Offering, while it is still in works.


  • Is there a way to link directly to a form (Generic Incident Request form) so that the form just opens up in the portal for the user to start filling out when the link or button is clicked???

  • I have the same question as above ?

  • Does this still works on SCSM 2012 SP1 ? tried this and it seem not able to take the tag.

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