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  • Blog Post: WSUS FCS Definitions

    This is a follow up post to my previous FCS definitions post.  The first one focused on the mpam-fe files and what is contained that you can find on the security portal at .  This one instead focuses on what is actually downloaded by your WSUS server and what...
  • Blog Post: Automating WSUS Cleanup

    By default WSUS does not clean up anything in an automated manner.  This is not normally too much of an issue for a system with plenty of drive space and a system that does not do definitions.  However with FCS thrown into the environment WSUS will sync new definitions three times a day at...
  • Blog Post: Another WSUS Cleanup Script

    Just noticed this as I was looking for a solution for a different WSUS problem and thought I would share this here as well. Apparently a “Thomas Schlacter” posted this recently to the ScriptCenter and looks...