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October, 2008

  • FCS and System Center Essentials

    Just found this posting on the SCE forums regarding integration of SCE and FCS: is the link, The text is below from the forum posting: Question 16: Can I use Essentials...
  • FCS Intervals

    So you've seen the following options with your FCS settings and are wondering how do these work??? Malware Scanning "Run a Quick Scan at set interval (hours):" Security state assessment "Scan at set interval (hours):" Malware Definition...
  • How to add extra scheduled scans or definition updates for FCS

    The default option for scheduled scans in FCS is kind of sparse currently and it's something we get requests about so I'm posting a possible workaround to get more scheduled scans. Below is the shot of the FCS policy setting.. you can either pick "every...