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January, 2006

  • SMS Boundary Issues in Shared Subnet Scenarios

    So in speaking with many of my University customers, I have found that many of them are in a complicated situation when it comes to trying to implement SMS due to overlapping IP/AD Site boundary constraints. In certain situations, these folks would like...
  • Management in Education Newsletter - December 2005

    Here is an acrchive copy of my Education newslatter I sent out in the beginning of Decmber 2005: Introduction Hello – My name is Kevin Sullivan and I am the newly appointed Technology Specialist from Microsoft that is charged with...
  • MGMT IN EDU: Management in Education Newsletter - January 2006

    Introduction Hello again! I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year. This is now the second mailing of this newsletter focused on delivering Microsoft Management technology information to both K-12 and Higher Education customers. I hope you...