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  • It’s Friday: Time for a little bragging…

    VM Limited

    Today I took and passed the VMware VCP5 certification test.

    “Wait.. huh?!  You got certified on VMware?”

    Yes, I did.  I am now a VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5.0.  The powers-that-be realize, as I and my teammates do, that it’s important to be well-versed in what’s happening in the real world datacenters; especially if we’re going to be comparing and contrasting (and competing) with other solutions.  One of the biggest competitors we have is VMware in the datacenter and virtualization space.  So we acquired some funds to get trained on VMware, and to get certified if we wanted to take it to that extreme. 

    It's TAD!So, last week I took the week-long “VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [5.0]” training course.  And then this week, aside from preparing for and delivering a talk down in Winona, MN, I spent my days studying, installing, playing-with, and re-studying my class notes and labs.  And this morning at 9:00am I took the test.  Score: 422 (of 500, I think).  Passing is 300.  So, with the class and the test out of the way, I expect to hear from VMware soon that I’m “VCP5” certified.

    “Wow… Congratulations!”

    Aw shucks.  Thanks.

    “I guess that explains why you’ve been very quiet on the blog here.”

    Yeah, that’s right.  July at Microsoft is all planning and budgeting and getting geared up for the coming (fiscal) year.. and it’s a good opportunity to get done with some goals for the year that might otherwise be hard to do when we get into full-blown prep/event/travel/launch/IT Camp/Presentation/etc.-mode.  In fact, in preparation for the other big certification I want to acquire this year, I’m leaving for Redmond on Sunday for a week of intensive Private Cloud training. 

  • WPC Announcements–Servers and Tools and Azure! (Oh my!)

    Digital Worldwide Partner ConferenceSome of you may be aware that this week another big Microsoft conference is happening in Toronto.  The Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) for 2012 is in full swing.  And like all of these kinds of conferences, there are usually big announcements and reveals and important information shared during the keynotes.  This year’s is no exception.

    Yesterday (WPC Day 1), for example, Microsoft announced the timing of the release of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, and introduced partners to new options for selling Office 365.  And today (WPC Day 2) Microsoft announced some additional important resources and opportunities for partners regarding cloud hosting and helping to move your customers from VMware to Hyper-V virtualization.

    Here are the links to all of the details.

    And in case you’re not watching it already, here is the “Digital WPC” site, which has live streaming and is where you’ll find access to recorded content.  It will be a great place to go if you want to watch the keynote recordings when they’re available.



    “Hey Kevin.. where’ve you been?”

    I was on vacation.  I enjoyed a week with my parents, brothers, and all of our families in Colorado (Estes Park) to celebrate my folks’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

    Lots of Remdes

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