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  • Stop putting whip holders in your horseless carriages. (And what does that have to do with the cloud?)

    Just one of the many useful diagrams in the whitepaper.Computing is undergoing a seismic shift from client/server to the cloud, a shift similar in importance and impact to the transition from mainframe to client/server. Speculation abounds on how this new era will evolve in the coming years, and IT leaders have a critical need for a clear vision of where the industry is heading.”  -From the whitepaper’s introduction

    Today Microsoft released a whitepaper that brings some much-needed clarity to understanding the cost implications of “the Cloud” and what it means for IT and for business.  Entitled “The Economics of the Cloud”, this quick-read defines the parameters that measure why and how the implementation of cloud computing will save money; for you, your IT organization, and your business. 

    “Sounds pretty boring, Kevin.”

    Saving money in business is never boring.  And getting a better understanding of why you will want to use pools of massive amounts of computing power, on-demand and pay-as-you-go, instead of continuing to build-it-"Neigh!" vs. "Vrrrrooom!"yourself, is a very worthwhile endeavor.  In my opinion this paper does an excellent job of laying out all of the various potential benefits of cloud computing… economies of scale, multi-tenancy efficiencies, pooling and automation of IT resources, etc.  It does it in a way that, in the end, leaves you more knowledgeable about the potential that the path to the cloud has for the computing world, and perhaps even excited about starting that journey and taking advantage of the benefits.

    But don’t take my word for it.  I challenge every IT Worker, Manager, Director, and CIO out there to read this paper.  Open your mind to the possibilities.  Stop putting whip holders in your horseless carriages.

  • Just For Fun: My Footage of the Grand Opening of the new Microsoft Store at the Mall of America

    Yeah… I had some fun attending this event, and shooting this video on Saturday morning.  A couple of fun things to notice:

    1. Ray Ozzie is in the house
    2. Not everyone knows how to spell MICROSOFT.

  • Breaking News: P2V Migration for Software Assurance is RTW!

    RTW = Released to the Web-i-tubes

    clip_image001Remember back in late September when I blogged about this cool toolset that, starting with a physically installed Windows XP machine, you would end up with a fresh install of Windows 7 AND that original Windows XP machine running as a virtual machine in XP-Mode?

    “Yeah.. that sounds really cool!  Is it released?”

    Yes indeed!  I got an e-mail early this morning from Jeremy Chapman that the P2V Migration for Software Assurance has been released.

    Here is some of the important text from his e-mail:

    “P2V Migration for Software Assurance uses the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Sysinternals Disk2VHD to convert a user’s existing Windows XP or newer client environment to a virtual hard disk, then automates the delivery of an updated and personalized Windows 7 operating system containing a virtual machine with the user’s previous Windows environment, applications and Web browser. The user’s previous virtual desktop retains its existing management components, domain membership and policies. The process also publishes applications and the browser for the user to access them seamlessly within Windows 7’s start menu.”

    “P2V Migration supports both native Lite Touch Installation using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or Zero Touch Installation using System Center Configuration Manager 2007 with included scripts and task sequence templates.”

    Here is a detailed article by Jeremy posted on the Windows Team Blog

    And if you want to download it, HERE IT IS.