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  • Kevin's TechEd Video Diaries - Part 2 - June 10, 2008

    TechEd Online Fishbowl - Click to view the full pictureDear Video Diary,

    Today started off with the opening keynote for the conference.  Bob Muglia gave a good talk about IT, naturally.

    "What about Developers?"

    That was last year.. and all the other US TechEds.  This is the first year that TechEd was split into a Developer week and an IT Pro week.  I did hear some people complain about not having both at one conference.. and I completely understand their frustration; having been a developer that also took on the IT responsibilities for my company before finally moving full-time into IT.  But on-the-whole, I think it is a better conference when we can focus specifically on a smaller set of topics.   And certainly the keynote was a good example of that.  Would I have liked to see BillG give a keynote?  Absolutely!  But it made more sense for him to be at the conference last week.

    But..I digress.  The day for me included attending a couple of sessions, and recording two video interviews and two podcast interviews for TechEd Online

    "Is that the 'fishbowl' in the picture where you did your interviews?"

    Yes.  And you observant people may recognize Keith Combs.  He's the guy in the brownish shirt looking at the display next to the fishbowl.

    Later in the evening we attended the Partner Pavilion Reception.  I actually recorded about 20 minutes of walking around the expo hall.  I didn't put all of it here, but I did take about 6 minutes of that and shrink it down to some fast-motion video.  (With Mozart playing, naturally.) 

    After that we went to the TechNet Springboard launch party.  Congratulations to the Springboard team and to Celine Allee for a great job with the launch, the party, and resulting web resources.  GREAT STUFF!

    Okay... here's the video!

    High Definition, folks.  Silverlight ROCKS.  Double-click to see what I mean.

  • Kevin's TechEd Video Diaries - Part 3 - June 11, 2008

    Video recording engineer - click to see the BIG picture Dear Video Diary,

    This was a busy day.  I was originally scheduled to do three video interviews.  It turned into 4, and then 5!  So I spent a lot of time in a comfy chair, with a not-so-comfy microphone attached to my head.  Really enjoyed the conversations, though.  I hope you take a moment to check some of them out

    The photo to the left is of the "bloke" (I can say that, because he's British) who engineered the video recordings.  I sure wish I could remember his name, as well as all the others who ran that room.  These are the same folks who do this same thing at many of the TechEds around the world.  They really know what they're doing.

    Anyway, after all the hard work sitting in that comfy chair, I managed to get to a couple of parties.  The one recorded here is the Double-Take Software "ClusterFunk" (I believe that's the name of their band) party at Margaritaville on Universal's CityWalk.  Good music, but they didn't do a very good job of making food easily available.  I waited a half-hour in line just to end up with a few conch fritters and sushi.  I don't know why they didn't let Margaritaville put out the Cheeseburger buffet that I've had there in previous visits.  THAT is GOOD!  But all-in-all, it was a fun evening.  Thank you, Double-Take!

    Okay.. here's the video evidence from the day.  Enjoy!

    Do I have to tell you again?  Be sure to double-click to see all of the full-screen HD goodness.

  • Breaking News: Hyper-V is UNLEASHED TODAY!

    Hyper-V Baby!

    ..and ahead of schedule!

    That’s right!  Hyper-V, the new game-changing virtualization technology that is included in Windows Server 2008, has been released today.

    Here’s the official press release.

    “How do I get it?”

    Well.. first of all you have to have Windows Server 2008 64-bit running on Virtualization capable hardware (meaning the Intel or AMD processors that have virtualization optimization built-in).  See the Hyper-V TechCenter to get the details.

    As for the download – it’s HERE (or will be soon):

    You also will be able to update your existing installations of pre-release Hyper-V using Windows Update starting July 7th, 2008.

    So.. go forth and VIRTUALIZE!


    PS - I did a pretty good (I think so, anyway) webcast on Hyper-V.  You can watch it HERE.

  • Kevin's TechEd Video Diaries - Part 4 - June 12, 2008

    Here's how you fit a RoundTable into a Square Fishbowl Dear Video Diary,Click to view the big picture.

    Another busy day.  I was pleased to be a part of the TechNet Springboard Series panel discussion on Vista Deployment.  We had some tough-but-fair questions around Vista thrown our way, and it was fun!  After that I did one video interview as well.  I had another scheduled for the afternoon, but the interviewee wasn't able to make it, so we had to cancel.  But I did record a podcast with Kim Shek about Microsoft Dynamics. 

    What happened in the evening?  Well... WOW!  Thursday night is the traditional "Attendee Party".  And as we have in years past, Microsoft rented out an entire theme park for our enjoyment.  This year it was Universal Studios.  Lots of food and fun.  My personal favorite (and judging from John and the rest of my teammates, their's as well) was "The Simpson's" ride.  The ride and everything around it were designed as Click to view the big picture.if it were a theme-park unto itself... "Krustyland".  Afterwards a few of us enjoyed some more live music at Margaritaville, and then called it a night.

    A few of my teammates are also shown briefly during the video:

    "Show us the video!"

    You got it!

    Sure, you can watch it in this small window.  But I'd double-click if I were you.

  • Hey.. I’m in the “Top 10 Webcasts” again

    Top 10 Webcasts

    Cool!  Just noticed that one of my webcast recordings is listed in the current “Top 10 Webcasts” again.  This time it was the one I did about Network Access Protection (part 18 of our 24 hours of Windows Server 2008 series).

    Click HERE for the webcast recording.

    And HERE for my webcast resources page.

    And finally, HERE for the best of the Q&A from the webcast.

  • A Conversation About An OCS Deployment

    Brooks Stevens web site

    Jacob Thornberry of Brooks Stevens took a few minutes out of his busy day as their lone IT Pro to talk to me about his recent rollout of Office Communications Server 2007.  I thought this conversation would benefit anyone who is considering rolling out OCS, and so with Jacob's permission, we recorded our conversation for your benefit.

    The recording is attached to this blog post, and will also be on TechNet Edge soon.

    I recently gave some talks at the Office Connections conference in Orlando, and created a resource document for the attendees, full of OCS-related resources.  You can find those resources here.

    And here is the book that Jacob mentions in the interview:

    OCS Resource Kit

  • Kevin's TechEd Video Diaries - Part 1 - June 9, 2008

    Conference Registration - click to see the full photo "Hey Kevin!  I know you were at TechEd US 2008 IT Pro last week.  Where are your blog entries about it?"

    Well.. yeah.. It's a really busy week!  Those of you who have followed my blog for the past couple of years know that I like to keep a diary of sorts about my daily activities at TechEd.  But this year I had to scale back, due to my commitment to the TechEd Online team to do video interviews and podcasts for their site.  (You may see some of my interviews up there already.  More will be posted in the coming weeks.  I'll link to them in upcoming blog posts for those who are interested.)

    The good news, however, is that I did take my video camera along for capturing a few video tidbits that I'm compiling into my usual Video Diaries; just like I did at my HHH Launch events.  Video does take some time to edit and render, however, so I wasn't able to post these every night after the day's activities as I would have liked.  But I do have at least 4 video diary entries in the works.  You'll see them over the next several days.

    So.. without further delay; here is video diary number 1:


    Dear Video Diary,

    Travel day!  The opening title screen background on the video is of the departing flight status board at MSP.  Flight was a little late getting out of the gate, and we had to circle Orlando for about 30 minutes to allow a storm to pass on through.  I'm glad my teammate/friend/roommate John Baker was patient and waited for me. 

    "I thought you were the one who had the rental car, Kevin."

    Yeah.. he didn't have much of a choice, did he.

    Anyway.. we got to the hotel, went on a quick shopping trip to a nearby grocery, and then went to the convention center with more of our team to get registered. 

    The bulk of the video is a kind of "unpackaging" video of the TechEd 2008 bag and its contents.  It's probably one of the nicest bags we've gotten at any TechEd; though mine is already starting to rip towards the top of the right shoulder strap.

    Here's the video.  I hope you like it.

    (Don't forget to double-click to see in all its HD glory)

    "Kevin... What is that music you're using in your video?"

    Like it?  It's my brother Carl!  Actually.. the music over the title sequence is the band he's in (Bat Makumba) and a portion of a song entitled "Quiero" off of their 2003 CD.  And the music during the fast-motion scan of bag contents is from Carl's solo album "Explanation Point".  The song is "At the Club".  Carl is an amazing Bass player, and is also a gifted record producer.