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Wondering about Windows Desktop Search?

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WDS HeroWondering about Windows Desktop Search?

Wonder no more!

My friend and “cow-orker”** Matt “Mongo” Hester has created a very detailed, beautifully done screencast all about how it works and what it does for you.

He’s also in the process of submitting an article to a magazine about this.  I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Do you use a desktop search engine?  Are you going to install it after you view his video? 

**Extra points if you can comment here on where the “cow-orker” reference comes from. 

  • The screen cast is very good. I have been using WDS for some time and will probably use for a very long time...

    I traced the "cow orker" reference back to Dilbert and Scott Adams, where he explains it at
    ---- QUOTE ----
    When some people see the word "coworker" they think it means the same as "co-worker." But it doesn't. Coworker is from the Olde English expression, "cow orker," as in the following sentence that is best read with a cockney accent, "I ain't workin' with 'im! He's a bloody cow orker!"
    ---- END ----

    Also jargon dictionaries state "cow orker" as

    Cow-orker (or, sometimes, cow-irker) is a term widely used on Usenet for a co-worker, derived from a typographical error. The exhortation to "keep the dash to the left of the w" is linked to the word. It could also mean a "dis" of a co-worker, saying they're just a "cow-orker," an intentional misspelling of the word.

    This term was popularized by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, but appeared earlier in the January 1996 version of the alt.sysadmin.recovery FAQ. There are plausible reports that it was in use on Usenet as early as 1989


  • Wow.  You win.  100 points for Cenk Kulacoglu.  

    I remembered reading it in Scott Adams' book, "The Dilbert Principle".  Very funny book.  

    I recommend that book to anyone thinking of quitting their job.  It will make you either quit your job outright, or keep it for fear of ending up in places and working for the people that he describes.

    Nicely done!

  • Sorry but I couldn't locate the link to the screencast. Is it the same as the WDS homepage ?

  • Click on Matt Hester's name.  His blog is where the link to his screen capture is located.

    Or go directly to his blog post here:


  • I thought it was "cow-irker"?  Still, a nice Dilbert reference. :)

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