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Ooo.. I wish I were a lawyer...

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…because I agree with Vineeth Raja.  This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Check out

The trace of the route to this site ends up in London (Southwark), registered to some BLTC.NET (so it’s hosted by Knightsbridge Online), through tucows domain registration. 

Similarly, leads right to a firefox link and plug. 

Hey.. is available.  For now.   

I’m guessing there’s not much Microsoft can do about it except be happy that IE 7 is so much better than firefox. (just my biased opinion) 

What do you think?  Should Microsoft sue ‘em? 

  • I think they'd have a hard time winning the suit. There's an web site that appears to provide support to ie6 users. Can Microsoft sue them? Does MS have a claim to all web sites that have abbreviations for MS products? Can MS selectively sue those such sites that are not supportive of MS?

  • Yeah.. I'm no lawyer (as I've said), but I imagine Microsoft would only have a case if the name "IE7" was somehow trademarked or registered officially by Microsoft.  Until then, well... we'll probably just have to let these folks have their fun.  

  • Go ahead sue.  In my completely biased opinion, Firefox has some advantages (still) over IE7.  IE 7 has finally caught up with where Firefox was in it's iterations previous to 1.0, it's still ahead of IE.  No offense to MS, but Firefox is doing a better job, for now.

  • Hi KJ!
    Just curious - what do you like in FireFox better than in IE7?  What feature or features put it over the top for you?

  • I like how it is customizable with buttons and such, then you can edit the style (field lengths colors, etc) by digging deeper "under the covers".  The links toolbar is nice for those frequently accesed sites and the script blocking plug in is very helpful.  

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