Valentine kiss for you!Now show your companies some love and patch those computers!

Yes, today is that odd alignment of the planets of the good and the annoying (notice I didn’t say ‘bad’). 

The good: This nice holiday, celebrating love, known as Valentines day.
The annoying: The regular Second-Tuesday of necessary evil, celebrating love, known as Microsoft Patch Tuesday.

And today there are seven updates coming out (official launch of these is at 10:00AM pacific time today).  Two are critical and five are important.

There is also a new Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool that detects and removes several additional known malicious software installations/infestations.

For details on this as well as all security questions you may have, see the Microsoft Security page at

“So Kevin.. what do I do now?”

Other than making sure your systems are up-to-date, I recommend you go out and by your sweetie some flowers.  And when I say “sweetie”, I’m talking about your system administrator.  He or she needs lovin’, too.