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TechNet Webcast: Successfully Implementing a Complex Active Directory Design (Level 200)

Here are some resources relating to the TechNet webcast topic presented on November 21, 2005.  I hope you find them useful.



This session’s Content Resource Page


Planning and Implementing Federated Forests in Windows Server2003


Service Administrator Scopt of Authority


Autonomy vs. Isolation




Determining the Number of Forests Required


Forest Design Models

Mapping Design Requirements to Forest Design Models

Reviewing the Domain Models


Windows 2000 Domain Architecture: Design Alternatives


Single Domain Model


Regional Domain Model


Using the Organizational Domain Forest Model


Determining the Number of Domains Required


Overview of Designing a Site Topology


Planning Forest Root Domain Controller Replacement


Planning Regional Domain Controller Replacement


Planning a Global Catalog Server Replacement


Planning Operations Master Role Replacement

Creating a Site Design


Connecting Sites with Site Links

Determining the Cost


Determining the Schedule


Determining the Interval

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