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Big list of RSS Feed Readers and News Aggregators

Big list of RSS Feed Readers and News Aggregators

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Today finds me sitting in a hotel room in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It’s getting cold outside, so sitting in here doing work in a quiet location is quite enjoyable.  And as you see from the number of blog posts I’ve made today, I’ve been quite productive.

One of my tasks today was also to work on an RSS talk I’m going to give to anyone on my team who wants to listen.  I volunteered to lead some informal internal training on the subject, since the multiple and powerful uses of RSS is a subject I’m passionate about.


In fact, check out what the weather is doing outside my hotel room now(click to enlarge).

View from my hotel room.

In doing some research on blog reading tools options for my attendees, I did a search for “blog reader online”, and found this very useful list of Web-Based, PC-Based, and multi-platform news readers, complete with mini-summaries of each one.  Thank you, Haiko Hebig!

Personally, I use SharpReader.  I like being able to set up my subscriptions in a folder heirarchy that lets me view and work with either individual blogs or sources, or higher level folders (and all items contained within).  I might start playing with Bloglines, though… or some other online reader, mainly because I would like to have the same list and view of read/unread items whether at my desk, on my mobile phone, or any other Internet-connected computer.

What do you use?  How did you receive this post?  And how are you reading it now – on the blog directly, or via some reader?

  • I use Sauce Reader, which is unfortunately no longer in development. The interface is very similar to Sharp Reader.

  • I use Omea Reader, that it's similar to SharpReader, even if I like more the interface of Omea.
    I read your blog with the reader, even if I am making the post from your site, because Omea, for your blog, does not permit me to create it directly.

  • I use my personal agregator - This is a website that wants to be an email sender of RSS's that have changed... but must be updated more...

  • Personally, I like FeedDemon. It is very flexible and constantly revised. It also allows you to sync the feeds in the GUI with a web based service from NewsGator (its owner - who also makes an RSS reader which integrates with Outlook). So when you read\delete and add\delete RSS feeds in FeedDemon the info is sync'd with the online version. If you trash your laptop you can reinstall FD and get it all back or read on the web if your laptop isnt available.

  • RssReader... next time maybe another reader :)

  • Pluck may fit the bill as well. I just started using it. It has an IE and Firefox plugin that allow a familiar 3 (or 4) pane view like an email client. It will detect RSS links on web pages and "pluck" them into the program....neat. Same goes for links on the clipboard. The left pane has the folder hierarchy you like and it also synchs automatically with the web-based version at Did I mention it's free? (That was my main criteria!)

    So far I like it a lot except I haven't got the task tray tool to notify me of updates. I wish the notifier had a filter list so it could tell me when certain key words appear. That's my only complaint so far.

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