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Exchange 12 News coming out of IT Forum

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Exchange GuyEileen Brown has posted on her weblog the news coming out of IT Forum this week that the next version of Microsoft Exchange Server – “Exchange 12” – will only be available for 64 bit platforms.  (Yes, she said “only”.) 

The official Press Release is here, outlining the 64–bit announcement as well as other great announcements that Bob Muglia made in his keynote speech.

Other of my team have blogged this, too:

Now… let’s discuss…

Here’s what I think, right now.  I’m not sure.  I'm still "on the fence" about how the public will react to this news. Yes, it's great for Enterprise customers. They will absolutely love it.

But small-to-mid-sized business is still quite skeptical about having to buy new hardware "just for the support of new software".  In this case I wonder if we're not just encouraging the notion that Exchange 2003 is "good enough" for a long time to come.

What do you think?

  • I would agree that the 64-bit requirement is going to force a lot of people to stick with Exchange 2003. It's a good product, though, and will work well until the end of the decade.

    Although I think this could be a sticking point for a lot of companies, it is still wise to keep the product on a platform on which it will perform well and be well worth the upgrade. The performance jump should be outstanding.

  • The adoption rate for Exchange has always been slow. I don't expect this to be much different. Enterprises will be first and then it will trickle down.

    For me, I was trying to get ready for it. (That's why I found myself at an SQL Server seminar even though I am not a developer.) I had heard - although now it's not true - that Exchange was moving to an SQL backend and I wanted to build the big bad SQL Server that could support Exchange AND the colidation of the numerous SQL Servers we have onto one box.

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