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Windows AntiSpyware now officially called "Windows Defender"

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Windows Defender

Yes indeed… It has been announced that Windows AntiSpyware…

  • Is to be now and forevermore called Windows Defender
  • Will be included in Windows Vista
  • Will start showing up with updates via Microsoft Updates, and WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) in a new classification called “Definition Updates”.

This is VERY good news.  The AntiSpyware beta is being downloaded by 3 million new users per month… and has over 18 million active customers.  It’s recieved great reviews, also.  I’m using it as my only AntiSpyware at home, and that includes a family laptop that gets serious digital abuse by two teenage boys. 

  • Microsoft Antispy has been around for a bit now and everyones just getting used to it.Dont know bout the new name tho.Dont sound like a Microsoft name. Hopefully Updates will be allowed by limited users or updates deployed by other means?

  • As I hear it, the Windows Defender is going to be more geared toward home users. Updates will be delievered via Automatic Update or by the Microsoft Update / Windows Update sites.

    For business the suite will have a different name (it's been announced - I just can't right now recall what it is). The same updates that are pushed via Automatic Updates are made available and rolled out to organizations desktops using tools like WSUS and SMS.

  • Well good to see it has been named, as it was a raffle as to whether it would be a seperate program or part of the new vista, or both.

    Running it as your only spyware program on a laptop or pc with teenagers at the helm is a little scary, as you may find that running any other noteworthy antispy program on the aforementioned pc or laptop will probably reveal many lurking suprises.

    As we know the MS variety of the giant spyware product has originated from an earlier source that has also produced CounterSpy.

    Run the Demo of Counterspy and see what happens.

    All being well nothing! and that is the way it should be.

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