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Song Fight! ...and a Microsoft Employee wins!

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Another in the “this is too good NOT to post” category…

Song Fight!

I used to be a Music Student.  Seriously.  I was a Theory and Composition major at the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!).  So I have a lot of respect for creativity in music… and this one really floors me.  I love it!

“Jim of Seattle” (I’m not sure if he wants his name out there) won a recent “Song Fight” at

Here’s his entry: “Welcome to _______”

  • The closest I got to Music Theory was "Clapping for Credit", but hey...I was a CSCI major.

    Here's a oddity...explain why I can touch type, but can't play a piano to save my life.

  • Well... I have to clarify that I didn't FINISH the Music degree. I did two years of that (Major Instrument was voice, but I did learn to play piano pretty well), then I worked for a couple of years in unrelated odd jobs. Got married. Got laid off (from a job - the marriage is still going after 21 years! :)), and went back to the U of Minn for my CSCI degree.

    What that left me with was a mind for computing, an ear for music, and an urge to sing Karaoke every chance I get. :)

  • It entirely fits though...half of the CSCI deaprtment are musicians and good ones at that. Heck, Carlis had (has?) a project that will allow computers to "read" music better than traditional sheet music format. In fact, music is so pervasive in the department that I wouldn't be surprised if they made a music emphasis. My far-more-talented-than-I wife could be considered much like you - a musician with a CSCI degree - attributed it to the fact that both fields require you to see both the big picture and the details at the same time to be sucessful.

    As for Jim's piece. At first, it took be a while to understand the invasiveness of the Windows bits. I was getting upset because they'd complete trounce the piano, but then I realized that it was a war between "two musicians" - just one of them was "playing" Windows.

  • After I graduated I went to work for NCR. It was a little subsidiary of NCR called NCR Comten (made kick-butt communications processors back in the day). I found out that earlier in the pre-NCR days, Comten used to prefer hiring computer folks who were also musicians, because they believed also that there was a big connection there.

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