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Are you certifiable? There's a new generation of Microsoft Certifications!

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Certified IT Pro

New Microsoft Certifications!

That’s right!  Microsoft is changing the certification program.

“Huh?  I’m an MCSE!  Why are they changing things?”

I’m an MCSE, too.  But what are your specialties?  You’re obviously an IT Professional.  You’re not a developer (or perhaps you are), but other than that, what do you do, really? 

If you’re certified on a particular technology, let’s call you a Microsoft Certified Techology Specialist

If you’ve proven that you’ve mastered several techologies relating to being an IT Professional, then let’s call you a Microsoft Certified IT Professional

If you’re a developer (and you know who you are), maybe you should/could be a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

And if you’re even more skilled than that, and if you can stand before a panel of experts and actually answer some tough questions about IT Architecture (whether IT Pro or Developer), we’ll call you a Microsoft Certified Architect.

New Certification Heirarchy

Here are some more reasons – straight out of an internal email that was forwarded to me:

Increased Value through Relevance, Efficiency, and Alignment

Today’s announcement marks a milestone toward the increased value of our certification program and its positive influence on deployment and satisfaction with Microsoft.

  • More relevant: aligned with expertise on technology, job roles, and usage scenarios
  • Easier to distinguish: three simple series of credentials; clear logos and branding
  • More targeted: shorter, cost-effective exam paths that are more focused and rigorous 
  • Outstanding return on customer investment: straightforward exam and upgrade paths; continued recognition of old credentials
  • Tightly aligned with the business: redefined certification requirements in the Microsoft Partner Program and deep collaboration with the Visual Studio and SQL Server BGs; similar partnerships are in development for BizTalk Server, Office, Vista, Exchange, and beyond.

Here’s the press release about it all.  And the best information about certifications, as always, is found at the “mcp” page of the Microsoft Learning site.

Questions?  Concerns?  Comments?  Give me a comment, or contact me.

  • So the way I understand is, MCSE will remain as and will be called the same. Does it fall under "IT Professional" series of certification or it stays separate?

    Will it be the same once Windows Vista and other products are released?


    Tejas Patel

  • Yeah.. MCSE won't go away. The new certifications, though, are likely to be the new standard. Yeah, typically MCSEs were IT Pros, where MCSDs are developers.

    I don't think the release of Windows Vista will have any bearing on any of this, except that there will probably be an MCP-type certification test on knowledge of that product.

  • Thanks Kevin. One more question to this is, will MCSD remain after VS.NET 2005 is released or the exams for VS.NET 2005 be known under MCPD certifications.

    I have these questoins because we offer these courses as soon as Microsoft offers them and want to be ahead in planning.


  • Well, if you're a CTEC, then you probably have a better line on upcoming courses than I do. The best way to keep tabs on it is to watch the site. For example, when I searched on Training for Visual Studio 2005, I got 8 results. 7 were online training courses and one (2364) is an instructor lead classroom course.

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