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Gas prices are "low" here...

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Bill Steele says that prices are down to $2.33 where he lives.  They’re actually down to around $2.21 near me, after hitting $3.00 only about 2 months ago. 

He hates these cans!!

We complain so much in the U.S., because to us, these are still very high prices compared to what they were earlier this year.  But compared to the rest of the world, we’re still getting our gas really cheap.

Now someone please tell me why we have to deal with all of this up-and-down prices nonsense….  I have yet to hear a good, believable explanation.


  • I hope we hit $5.00 per gallon so all those that SUVs get the huge gas payments.

    If we hit that people might figure out that driving everywhere is just wrong!

  • Well, you're lucky guys over there. Here where I live, in Stockholm, Sweden, the gas price is a little bit higher. I pay about $ 1.40 for 1 Litre (about 0,26 gallon), and it's after the price have fallen. The highets price I've paid was about 1,60 / 1 litre.

  • Yeah Mike - I agree somewhat that people shouldn't drive as much - but really only because of the environment. It could be argued that if people want to pay for it, they should have their SUVs and drive them as much as they want. It's their money. But... it's our air, and it's our (and our kids') environment. That's the main reason why I personally will never own an SUV. (Plus they're just too darn big to be comfortable, in my opinion. :) )

  • Absolutely Karl - More of us in the U.S. should definitely keep our "high prices" in perspective with the rest of the driving world.

  • Gas is a commodity, and like any other commodity, the price is subject to wild fluctuations. I'd guess this could be avoided in an environment where supply and demand are maintained at a completely even level.

  • Update:
    The station that had $2.21/gallon gas is now down to $2.19. I wonder if it will go up on Friday, in time for the weekend.

    Stay tuned...

  • Whoa... now it's $2.14.

  • Here in the UK 'gas' is $1.60 per LITRE!! and thats considered cheap... Depending on worldwide events, gas prices go up, although they very rarely drop back afterwards ;-(

  • Down to $2.12! Will the madness never end?!

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