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Bloggers: Watch your back (and your comments)...

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Wow.  I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog.  Aparently nobody reads it.  Or perhaps I’m not controversial enough to promote discussion often enough.  I’ll have to change that…

Or should I?

WARNING: Long Blogger Chain Here…

Robert Scoble recently pointed to an article by Dave Taylor who was talking about Aaron Wall… a person being sued for comments left in his blog comments area.  It wasn’t something Aaron said in his blog, but something that Aaron or his company left buried in the comments, probably unknowingly, that got him sued.

“What I find most telling about this lawsuit is that it's aimed directly at a blog and a blogger, not related to what the blogger is writing about, but about what others are adding in his comments.”

That’s just downright scary.  I and many of my coworkers like to leave comments wide open, just because we want to promote good discussion, and also often are travelling and have longer periods where we might not be able to moderate all the comments. 

Perhaps a new, longer, more complete disclaimer will have to be added to the margin, removing myself from any responsibility for whatever garbage, slander, or confidential information some bozo might post to my blog. 

I’ll have to ask my friend Chris Avis or some other former BBS SysOp what legal disclaimer they might have used way back when “comments” were “unmoderated” in the open discussion areas…

What do you think?  Comment away!...

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